Learn to Row in Liverpool

Want to learn how to row? Sign up for our Learn to Row course.

We have courses available in summer and autumn.

Join today and learn to row either via SIX weeks of training or through our intensive weekend courses.

Info about Learn to Row

Learn to row in the heart of Liverpool!

Why you should consider learning to row:

  • It’s social! We have men and women’s squads that go out 3 times a week with plenty of joint social
  • It’s good for you! Rowing is a great sport to get fit and stay active
  • It’s local! We’re based in the docks, prime real estate whether you live local or come after work

What you can expect to learn with our eight-week syllabus

  • The basics of rowing
  • How to row in a crew
  • How to row both sweep and scull

Sign up today for expert coaching. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be able to row regularly with our other crews.