Membership Mersey Rowing Club

Current Subscription Fees


Current membership fee's at Mersey Rowing Club are as follows: 


Subscription Type



Visitor Session

Full Membership













For any queries regarding fees and payment please contact the treasurer via email.



Discounted fee's and membership are available for those under 18, students and unwaged. 


Payment Method

Payment of membership fee's are made by standing order each month into the clubs account.


New Members

New members are required to complete a membership application form. This is is a requirement and must be done before going out on the water or using club facilities. The signed declaration is for insurance purposes and that the individual is healthy and can swim the minimum distance required. Please contact our secretary via email to start the process of joining Mersey Rowing Club.


Learn To Row

Mersey Rowing Club run learn to row coursed at different times of the year, so if you are new to rowing and would like to learn, we have qualified coaches who can teach you everything you need to know. If you are interested in learning to row please contact us, our list of upcoming learn to row courses and further details are available  here.


Trial Period

New members are invited to attend the rowing club to view the facilities, meet the members and get a taste for rowing before committing financially. This will enable you to see if Mersey is the club for you.

New members with prior rowing experience are welcome to join the respective squads for a free taster outing, if you decide that Mersey is for you a standing order should then be set up, enabling you to use the club facilities as a full member.


Temporary Membership

For those who wish to have a short term membership a per session rate is available, this can be agreed prior to commencing with the club captain or treasurer. A temporary membership may be best for those who are rarely able to attend and would like to have a casual membership.


Failure To Pay Membership

Members who fail to pay their subscriptions will no longer be able to use the club's facilities.


British Rowing Membership

Club membership fee's do not include British Rowing membership. British Rowing membership is required for those who wish to compete at rowing events, gold membership also provides you with your racing license . It is recommended that all rowers should become a British Rowing member. For more information please do not hesitate to enquire at the club, or for information and membership options visit British Rowing here.


Training Times

The club is open most evenings from around 5:30 / 6pm, and 8am on Saturdays. Crew Training times and days can be found on the appropriate squad pages on our site. Other training sessions are available at other times, through negotiation with the Captain or the Men's, Women's, and Junior crew captains to ensure boat availability.

Scullers and pairs/ doubles available to book through the Captain.


Contact Information

Mersey RC actively welcome new members. If you are interested in joining, then please email the secretary.