Club captain Ian Marr gives us the details on the National Championships in Nottingham
The Junior National Championship was held at the National Water Sport Centre on 19th and 20th July. I won't obsess about the weather. Suffice it to say that even the bloke building the ark was looking worried.


Callum finished 17th in his time trial, qualifying him for the C final. But then the tide of black cloud came boiling over the tree tops. Tiny figures dashed through the deepening murk seeking what shelter they might. Lightning cracked the sky open, lighting their way. The C final was abandoned somewhere behind a curtain of stinging rain.


George finished 8th in his time trial, qualifying for the semi finals on the Sunday. The semi's led to finals and to 3rd place in the B final.


All in all an eventful weekend. Didn't all go as we'd have liked but that's rowing, that's life. Lots learnt and new plans laid for next year. Onwards - there's lots to do.