Medals galore at Merseyside Regatta 2014!

Alice Brown (W.NOV.4+, Stroke Seat) gives us her report of the racing at Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club's Merseyside Regatta, just across the river from our home waters. Photography by Madeleine O'Hare, Leif Hunter and Alice Brown.


May Day weekend saw the first regatta of the summer season at Liverpool Victoria RC. Mersey rowers were right to feel quietly confident going into the competition as training had gone well with all crews coming together nicely under the tutelage of their coxes and coaches. 


The day started well when the men's IM3 crew comfortably beat Vics in a straight final, despite a kerfuffle on the start line in which the race was started before both crews signalled that they were ready. Luckily, our strapping lads managed to get themselves together quickly and won the race comfortably.


The women's IM3 crew similarly won comfortably in a straight final against another Vics crew. Which was just as well considering that a call from the cox, Siobhan Farmer, was misheard as "easy there" whilst the boat was still 50 odd metres from the finish line. As a result, half the crew stopped rowing to take a little breather. A calm response from the cox brought the crew under control and their mental strength and skill brought them a win by a convincing distance.









The women's novice crew faced Vics in a heat and won by 4 lengths despite a humdinger of a crab for both stroke siders at the same time (Cambridge ain't got nothing on us). It was the first regatta for this crew but they stayed calm enough to progress to the final against a fresh Runcorn crew of well-manicured whippersnappers. Hot, drained and half drowned after the crab they rowed straight back to the start line to do it all again. Despite rowing a faster time and having a technically better row in the final they were simply outclassed by a better crew who raced home six lengths ahead. It could have been three wins out of three for our crew boats if it hadn't been for those meddling kids...








Our sculling contingent also had a good start to their season. Chris Butler started the day off bright and early, unfortunately losing to an impressive Warrington RC sculler in the W.IM2.1x category. Callum and George both won their categories and added to their medal collections. The good number of entries in this regatta is expected to increase as the season progresses and the strength in the junior squad is really showing through. Credit to the racers, and of course to Ian, Chris and everyone involved in coaching them.

Our great successes in this regatta mean that we may be looking to enter boats in higher categories this season. Keep your eye out for Mersey in the IM2 category! Special thanks to our coxes Siobhan Farmer, Leif Hunter and Hayley Rooney who kept everyone calm, kept us pushing hard and brought all crews home safely. Also, many thanks to Ian for driving the trailer and making it possible for us to race at all.

So in conclusion: two crews with medals, two scullers with medals and a promising showing from our novices. It was a cracking start to the season but the real question is: can we maintain this sort of momentum throughout the summer? Yes? No? Well why don't you pop down to Northwich on 26th May and find out?