Mersey Rowing Club Kit

Rowing Kit 


Training kit

Rowing kit should be close fitting so that you don't catch your hands/blades on it. It should keep you warm and dry in the winter and cool and protected from the sun in the summer. Tops that are long at the back and high-backed bottoms are recommended to cover your lower back when rocking over. The British Rowing guide on what to wear can be found here

Racing kit

British Rowing rules stipulate that when racing the outermost garment above the waist should be uniform for single club crews (not including the cox). When racing, Mersey RC crews generally wear a club all-in-one, which can be worn with a t-shirt or tech top underneath it. Club colours are black with a white diagonal. You can order club kit at any time from the Mersey RC kit page on the Godfrey Sports website


Ordering Kit

Twice a year we will do a club kit order, which enables our members to take advantage of bulk discounts when ordering all in ones, singlets, zephyrs, splashtops and gilets. Popular items to order are all in ones (supplied by JL), tech tops and splash jackets (supplied by Godfrey).


Club Colours Mersey RC colours are mainly black with white detail.  Singlets should be black with a white slash and the badge consists of a Liver Bird and crossed oars.Club members are expected to wear predominantly black when taking part in Races, Heads and Regattas.